Announcements and Presentation

HAFG Announces Strategic Partnership with Spotlight

     On April 29th 2020, Beijing Spotlight Digital Film Co., Ltd. ("Spot light Cinema") and Holistic Asset Finance Group Co., Ltd. launched a comprehensive strategic partnership. As a professional platform firm in film industry, Spotlight has its own film technology R&D capabilities, the recent use of "Hi-tech projection" in the field of scientific and Hi-tech innovation to realize the world's first "intelligent cinema." 
       This cooperation with HAFG Group is mainly to produce synergies in terms of the industrial and capital level, including but not limited to the subsequent use of the platform resources to raise the market and industry margins, and more effectively connecting capital and industrial resources. The iteration of the traditional business model is happening and empowered by IoT and SaaS for industrial chain. This cooperation will start a new journey.  
Holistic Asset Finance Group
 May 9th, 2020